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Welcome to Progress Agrar. We are a medium-sized and internationally active company that has been working innovatively and successfully for many years in the fields of seed treatment, plant additives and soil conditioners.

At Progress Agrar, we are passionately committed to the future viability of plant cultivation. We want to support agriculture, horticulture and all areas of plant cultivation – in a natural way. In doing so, we maximize yields quantitatively and economically, ensure quality and at the same time promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. Understanding problems in practical plant cultivation and implementing solutions with the help of modern products and processes is our strength.

Soil conditioners

Healthy soil is the cornerstone of sustainable crop cultivation. We offer a comprehensive range of products for a healthy soil structure. Increase the fertility and water retention capacity of your soil with our products. Our environmentally friendly solutions not only increase plant productivity, but also contribute to long-term soil optimization.

Seed treatments

Seeds are the foundation of any successful crop and our innovative seed treatments are designed to enhance their potential. We offer a wide range of seed treatment solutions that protect against abiotic and environmental stresses. Our advanced formulations ensure healthier and stronger plants right from the start, setting the stage for stable harvests.

Crop auxiliaries

Progress Agrar understands the different needs of plants at different stages of growth. Our plant additives are carefully formulated to provide the nutrients and aids required for robust and vigorous plant development. From root growth promotion to foliar applications, our products are tailored to the specific requirements of different crops and growing conditions.

Together we can shape sustainable crop production and lead agriculture into a bright future.

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For further questions, advice and product information please contact Carsten.schmidt@progress-agrar.de, Mobil: +49 152 020 458 94

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