Plant amendment Healthy plants, better qualities


From the plant for the plant

• Natural plant extract to improve the health of plants
• Strengthens defenses against abiotic stresses
• Promotes resistance metabolism (heat & cold stress)
• Absorbed through leaf and root
• Leads to a uniform, intensive and improved growth of the plant
• Can be applied in single or multiple applications over the growing season.

Application rate:
0,1 – 0,2 kg/ha per growing season

Comment: FiBL listed

ProGrow® FLORA 2500

Protected until harvest

• Water-soluble mineral plant tonic for gardening and agriculture
• Improvement of fruit quality
• Improves shelf life
• Strengthens plants in stress phases

Application rate:
0.75 l/ha

Comment: FiBL listed

ProGrow® Silizium

Makes nutrients available

• A unique silicone-based (Si(OH)4) plant-based product
• Strengthens cell walls (stalk thickness)
• Improvement of stability
• Improvement of nutrient uptake
• promotes the formation of rhizobia

Application rate:
1.5 l/ha per growing season

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