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Plant additives play a crucial role in the health and growth of plants. A key element is their ability to optimize nutrient uptake. Plants require a variety of nutrients to grow and thrive optimally. These include macro and micronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc and many others.

Plant additives can increase the availability of these nutrients in the soil or increase the efficiency of uptake by the roots. In addition to these direct mechanisms, additives can also contribute indirectly to nutrient uptake by improving the overall health of the plant. Healthy plants are often better able to absorb and utilize nutrients. Phytochemicals can help to strengthen the plant’s immune system, reduce stress and promote overall health and vitality.


From the plant for the plant

• Natural plant extract to improve the health of plants
• Strengthens defenses against abiotic stresses
• Promotes resistance metabolism (heat & cold stress)
• Absorbed through leaf and root
• Leads to a uniform, intensive and improved growth of the plant
• Can be applied in single or multiple applications over the growing season.

Application rate:
0,1 – 0,2 kg/ha per growing season

Comment: FiBL listed

ComCat Pflanzenstärkungsmittel


Protected until harvest

• Water-soluble mineral plant tonic for gardening and agriculture
• Improvement of fruit quality
• Improves shelf life
• Strengthens plants in stress phases

Application rate:
0.75 l/ha

Comment: FiBL listed

ProGrow Flora 2500 Spurennährstoff-Düngemittel


Makes nutrients available

• A unique silicone-based (Si(OH)4) plant-based product
• Strengthens cell walls (stalk thickness)
• Improvement of stability
• Improvement of nutrient uptake
• promotes the formation of rhizobia

Application rate:
1.5 l/ha per growing season

ProGrow Silizium

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