Microbiological mixtures soil & follage treatment

Microorganisms are of particular importance in agriculture and horticulture, as they can have numerous positive effects on plant growth and soil health. Plant additives, also known as biological or microbiological mixtures, use these natural microorganisms to promote the growth and health of plants.

Microbiological mixtures consist of a variety of microorganisms that are specially selected and combined to achieve synergistic effects. These mixtures can contain different types of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that together help to improve soil quality, increase plant nutrient uptake and strengthen the plant’s immune system.

Overall, microbiological mixtures offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to promote plant growth and improve soil health.

ProGrow® MultiMikro

Healthy plant – healthy fruit

• A microbiological mixture of bacterial strains and natural stimulants
• Has a vitalizing effect on the root and plant and supports growth
• Very good for mixing into planting substrates
• Very good for immersion treatment of young plants

Application rate 0.75 kg/ha or 0.3 kg/m³ substrate

Comment: FiBL listed

ProGrow® Start

Awakens the soil

• Natural product based on rhizosperm microorganisms, algae extracts, rock flour and soil microorganisms
• Integrated humic acids and algae extracts serve to revitalize the soil
• Ideal for the start of vegetation

Application rate 0.3 kg/ha

ProGrow® Energy

The vegetation accompaniment

• Specific metabolic activation in cells and tissues
• Promotes the formation of zeatin in the plan
• supports cell division in roots and sprout
• Reduction of abiotic and biotic stress
• increases resistance

Application rate 2.0 l/ha

ProGrow Energy Biostimulanzien


The soil booster

• Autonomously generates atmospheric nitrogen for the plant
• Improves soil structure
• Stabilizes yield quantitatively and qualitatively
• Binds soil volatile gases and heavy metals, e.g. ammonia
• Dissolves and converts organic nutrients into plant-available forms
• Promotes interaction between plants and soil

Universial Bodenbooster

ProGrow® Power

The simple start

• Generates nitrogen without burdening the N-balance
• Easy to use before sowing or in the field
• Promotes plant-soil interaction
• Improves root development
• More efficient nutrient uptake

Application rate:
2 l/ha

ProGrow® Protect

Protection from the beginning

• Consists of spores of various Bacillus species and UV-stable bacteria
• Produces many natural antibiotics and enzymes
• Strengthens the plant’s defenses
• Absorbs important nutrients and thus deprives harmful microbes of their basis for life

Application rate:
1.25 l/ha per growing season

ProGrow Protect Pflanzenhilfsmittel

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