Microbiological mixtures soil & follage treatment

ProGrow® MultiMikro

Healthy plant – healthy fruit

• A microbiological mixture of bacterial strains and natural stimulants
• Has a vitalizing effect on the root and plant and supports growth
• Very good for mixing into planting substrates
• Very good for immersion treatment of young plants

Application rate 0.75 kg/ha or 0.3 kg/m³ substrate

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ProGrow® Start

Awakens the soil

• Natural product based on rhizosperm microorganisms, algae extracts, rock flour and soil microorganisms
• Integrated humic acids and algae extracts serve to revitalize the soil
• Ideal for the start of vegetation

Application rate 0.3 kg/ha

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ProGrow® Energy

The vegetation accompaniment

• Specific metabolic activation in cells and tissues
• Promotes the formation of zeatin in the plan
• supports cell division in roots and sprout
• Reduction of abiotic and biotic stress
• increases resistance

Application rate 2.0 l/ha

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The soil booster

• Autonomously generates atmospheric nitrogen for the plant
• Improves soil structure
• Stabilizes yield quantitatively and qualitatively
• Binds soil volatile gases and heavy metals, e.g. ammonia
• Dissolves and converts organic nutrients into plant-available forms
• Promotes interaction between plants and soil

Application rate:
4 l/ha every three years on the stubble with rapid shallow incorporation

ProGrow® Power

The simple start

• Generates nitrogen without burdening the N-balance
• Easy to use before sowing or in the field
• Promotes plant-soil interaction
• Improves root development
• More efficient nutrient uptake

Application rate:
2 l/ha

ProGrow® Protect

Protection from the beginning

• Consists of spores of various Bacillus species and UV-stable bacteria
• Produces many natural antibiotics and enzymes
• Strengthens the plant’s defenses
• Absorbs important nutrients and thus deprives harmful microbes of their basis for life

Application rate:
1.25 l/ha per growing season

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