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Soil and follage optimization

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Soil and follage optimizationSoil and follage optimization

Progress Agrar

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Progress Agrar


Progress Agrar is a German-based company that offers organic products for the treatment of plants, soils and seeds.
Our ProwGrow® products support your plants right from the start, whether vegetable crops, fruit, field crops or cereals. By using ProwGrow® products, you can optimize the potential from seed treatment to harvest and storage.


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100% organic integrated natural solution to ensure your agricultural success!

Quotes from the field

"In autumn, I applied UNIVERSIAL in combination with fermentation substrate to the wheat stubble and the following winter barley developed extremely well as a result - despite all the rain in the winter. Thanks to the improved soil structure, the water was able to drain away well and I was able to apply the first N application on time. I had the feeling of driving on a "soft carpet" - impressive!"

Heiko Lemburg/farm manager at the Harzhof in Schleswig-Holstein

"The product has a proven beneficial effect on your soil in terms of soil ecology (increased microbial activity, promotion of nutrient release for plant supply). [...] The most effective product of all tested biostimulants was UNIVERSIAL."

Prof. Dr. agr. habil. Christel Baum / Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, University of Rostock

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